BUCCI INDUSTRIES NORDIC AB is the new name taken on by KENSON COMPONENT AB after being acquired by the Bucci Industries Group in 2019. BUCCI INDUSTRIES NORDIC is now the official distributor of IEMCA products for the Scandinavian market.

IEMCA has been designing and manufacturing bar feeders since 1961 and today it is the worldwide leader in the production of automatic bar feeders for lathes, machining centers, grindings, gear cutters, and any other type of machine tools. The range of IEMCA products dedicated to the turning industry is the widest available in the market. It includes automatic bar feeders for single-spindle lathes with fixed and sliding headstocks, for bars up to 6 meters long, diameters between 0,3 mm and 100 mm and beyond, as well as solutions for every kind of multi-spindle lathe.

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